Study Abroad is for Everyone

Study abroad to Europe and beyond! 快播视频 study abroad students receive transferable GE college credits, are immersed in a new culture or language, learn in new ways, and can distinguish themselves from the pack as a job applicant.  Study abroad is one of the most transformation experiences you can have in college and has real benefits on your future, including documented increases in GPA, degree completion, and graduation rates! Students who study abroad report an increase in passion and deeper understanding of what they studied.  Alumni report feeling more confident, mature & independent upon their return. Improving these "soft skills" now will benefit you for life! 

快播视频 faculty led programs are about a month long and taught during the summer term. They are "open enrollment", which means even if you are new to 快播视频, already graduated, or are attending a different school you can still join us, as long as you are over 18 years old. We welcome non-traditional students, first generation college students, minority students, lifelong learners & first time travelers. You can use your financial aid and many scholarships are available.

Additional destinations and longer programs are available through other colleges or universities or Provider Led Programs (see below). 

Check out our programs and funding sources on this site. If you have any further questions you can email us or complete the  if you'd like to schedule a meeting with the study abroad advisor. Please join  or our Instagram to keep in touch and get our announcements!  We look forward to helping you go abroad!

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All 快播视频 faculty led program classes are CSU/UC transferable general education classes (GE's). They will appear on your 快播视频 transcript just like any other class.

Our faculty led programs all have a support system on site with our provider company partners. These staff members work in the study centers. They provide orientations, help set up your housing and roommates,  provide logistical support like transportation and set up tour guides for excursions. They are invaluable in unexpected situations, lost travel documents, illness etc. 快播视频 Global Engagement Center Staff are always in contact with the faculty and staff so you can feel confident that you won't be completely alone in a foreign country.

All programs are subject to the COVID-19 conditions in each country/region and there is a possibility of cancellation. Do be aware our host countries are requiring full vaccination and a negative COVID test to enter the country.  We are keeping a close eye on conditions and will update this page as necessary.

Faculty Led Programs in development for the future


Art - Kyoto, Japan

Geography - Argentina or Greece

Humanities &/or History - Mexico 

Business - Prague & South Africa

Provider Company Led Programs

If you would like to go to a different location or attend a longer program - Additional programs are available to 快播视频 students through study abroad provider companies, foreign universities, companies, NGO's, agencies, or additional individual universities or consortiums.

Classes through study abroad provider led programs may or may not be accepted for degree credits to 快播视频 or transfer to other universities.  It is up to students to do their due diligence regarding transferability, by contacting the 快播视频 graduation office and/or the university they wish to transfer to. You will need to know the exact class name and number and which institution will issue the transcript for your coursework abroad.

To find programs, try Googling your major, a destination and a semester/length.  Some provider companies students in the past have used are: , , , , .  The Embassy of France has  designed for community college students. There are also  programs.  

If you register to attend a provider company led study abroad program please complete the . There you can also send any forms they require 快播视频 to fill out. 

More Helpful Links

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 for a passport. You can go to a post office or a store like CVS, Costco, Rite-aid for photos (about $13.00) or do them yourself using a passport photo app/online service.

Information for Parents

The benefits of Study Abroad are many. Education research has shown study abroad to be a  "High Impact Practice" in higher education, with positive effects on GPA and degree completion among others. The world is more connected than ever before and knowing cross-cultural communication skills is considered critical for advancement in many fields. Experiences like study abroad help prepare students for working on diverse teams, develop language and intercultural communication skills, & tolerance for ambiguity. This is an opportunity to gain an understanding of different business, leadership, management, and communication styles, you won't see in your home country. Students and parents report positive impacts on personal development like the ability to negotiate uncertainty and increased confidence & maturity.

- By the Institute of International Education (IIE) and the American Institute for Foreign Study.

Still Have Questions?

You can make an appointment to meet with the Study Abroad Advisor.  Please complete this .